An essential tool for
  • Governments

  • Banking Authorities

  • Revenue Agencies

  • Tax Administration

The very first digital solution
for transparency &
compliance in the remittance market

Do you really know what is really going on in the remittance market in your country?
The X-stream platform can provide you invaluable country-specific
insights into this market and much more.

Remittance inflows worldrive almost reach 700 Billion US dollars per year,
with low and middle-income countries accounting for 77 per cent of these inflows.
For most of these countries, it represents an essential economic contribution
that can exceed 20% of their GDP in some case.
Yet, this important resource is left unmonitored and not even properly
measured in most cases. This lack of transparency and oversight makes the
remittance market more vulnerable to a number of risks and issues
related to money laundering, security,
consumer protection,exchange rates, and de-risking by foreign banks.


is a groundbreaking digital solution that
enables you
to successfully address these challenges in order to
make the remittance market
transparent and compliant in your country

Take full advantage of digitization

In the money transfer industry, including mobile money services, all transactions
leave an electronic trail and everything in digitized. This means that all the data
you need is already there. X-Stream brings this data to you
an maximizes its value for you goverment, ministry or agency.

It provides you a powerful dashboard that gives you the real
picture of the remittance market in your country, as well as state-of-the-art
tools to automatically detect suspicious transaction and dramatically
increase the effectiveness of your
anti-money laundering operations, among other critical purposes.

Enables you to

Enables centralized online monitoring of the remittange market
Ensures compliance withe your laws and regulation
Enables proactive consumer protection
provide effective tool to counter the abuse of the financial system by
criminals and terrorists
Prevent under-reporting of revenues and improvetax revenue streams
related to remittance services

  • Fast & easy

  • Non-intrusive

  • Zero negative
    impact on remittance
    service providers

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