Remittance Compliance and Metrics Solution For
Governments, Central Banks and Financial Authorities

The very first and only digital platform
specifically designed for control and
visibility over the remittance markets

Benefits of remittances

  • Represent over 20% of emerging countries’ GDP.


  • The largest source of external financing, amounting to three times the official aid.


  • An essential resource to:
    • Ease credit constraints of unbanked households.
    • Promote financial literacy and inclusion.
    • Reduce poverty.

Associated risks

  • Money laundering and other criminal activities.


  • De-risking activities by foreign banks.


  • Resulting in higher remittance costs.


  • Pushing more remittance recipients out of the  formal financial sector.


  • Potential exchange rate appreciation and decreasing  exports, damaging the receiving country’s competitiveness.


All aggravated by a lack of oversight by the country’s  relevant authorities (government, central bank, etc.).

What is X-Stream?

X Stream uses secure digital technologies to connect banking and financial authorities right to the source of remittance transaction info, in order to perform critical functions such as:

Full reporting on all the country-specific remittance indicators, for better informed decision-making and effective market surveillance

Automated detection of suspicious transactions potentially related to Money Laundering and other crimes

Background check on suspicious transactions, using international criminal and financial databases

Automated calculation of amounts due in taxes and other levies (if any)

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